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1970-09-02 Arhus, Denmark   
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wednesday, September 2, 1970
Vejlby Risskov Hallen,
Arhus, Denmark

1. Intro
2. Freedom
3. Tuning
4. Message To Love
5. Hey Baby
6. Drum Solo

25:07 Total

Audience Master > DAT > ? > HD

Notes: This is an excellent audience recording.
The original info txt describes the source only as "DAT of master".
Compared with what's included on the bootleg "Soundboard Series 2"
this is from the same source but it sounds like either a different transfer
or maybe the same transfer with no EQ or re-mastering.
There's not a whole lot of difference but this sounds slightly better to me.

693a982cf05dc6541fd57971a029aaef Track1.flac
ab46ca77cd2d62b24e2759333cfd63f8 Track2.flac
164dad2dee291dbe0147f6012a21ba9c Track3.flac
608ecdcb50f5437be99dab18f7188a45 Track4.flac
065419f2cfff04022a00d9dab30304a6 Track5.flac
f4d4bb7ed751d3c0abbc43ab154cf672 Track6.flac