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Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church   
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church
The Electric Church (Jon's Attic @ STG 034-035 / 30.04.2004 / 2CDR)
(Outtakes 1968-70 plus Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 11.10.68 [Soundcheck]; 69:00 / 68:20) 2nd & 3rd Gen [Master > Cassette x 2 and 3 > CDR]

THANK YOU Skibum for the original Up at TC
I changed the original folder from 'Electric Church' to 'Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church'
Otherwise the contents are identical

Disc 1:
"Electric Church Jam" (JS32) (i)
"Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window" (5)
"Message From Nine To The Universe" (1)
"Freedom (29) Jam"
"Calling All Devil's Children" (9)
"Machine Gun" (2)
"Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice" ( )
"Further On Up The Road" ( )
"Star Spangled Banner" (47)

Disc 2:
"Ezy Rider / Dance" (2) /
"Valleys Of Neptune" (22) /
"Bolero" (3) /
"Jam Back At The House" aka. "Beginning" (1) /
"Things I Used To Do" (4) /
"Lover Man" (2) /
"Midnight Lightning" (4) /
"Peace In Mississippi" (1) /
"Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You" (5) /
"Lover Man" (false start) -> "Dancing Blues" aka "Hollywood / Duet Jam" (JS3)

Quote from the Release notes:
This is the companion disc to the one called "LA Without The Words" (ATM 006). Some time after I had made up that set I decided to put it with this disc to make a 2CD set called 'The Electric Church". Both of these discs I put onto Mini Disc [MD] from the CDRs so I could listen to them on the move. I actually made a couple of cassette copies which went out in trades. At the time certainly most of the material on this disc was uncirculated and therefore the inevitable happened - it got bootlegged. Those of you familiar with the "Mixdown Master Tapes Vol.1-3" (ftbfs: B621 / B622 / B623) will recognise this as being the first disc. They had taken material sourced from MD copies, added no-noise and ruined the music. Most of the tracks on those 3 CDs came from MD sourced material.
Here is the music as it was meant to be... straight from the CDR master and in the original running order and without a trace of MD lineage.]

- Some sources list the origin for "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window" (5) - listed here as being from Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 11.10.68 [Soundcheck] - as the rehearsals for BBC Radio's "Rhythm & Blues" Show , Playhouse Theatre, London 17.10.67.
- Featuring material found on "Mixdown Master Tapes Vol.1-3" (ftbfs: B621 / B622 / B623) but in better quality (Lower Gen and no de-noising).
- Disc 2 is the same as ATM 006 "LA Without The Words" / "Outtake Masters: LA Without The Words".
- Alternate versions of this set is available.

**Skibum Notes**
Disc Two is the upgraded version of LA Without the Words without the MD in the lineage and it includes an extra track, 1984...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be). The original artwork did not include this track so I added this on to it and is listed as (Electric Church - Back) modified.jpg and (Electric Church - Front) modified.jpg. The originals are included as well.

Peace, Illumination & Music