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1980-11-11 LSU Assembly Center - Baton Rouge, LA (Low Gen Tape Transfer / DS Archives Volume 31)   
LSU Assembly Center
Baton Rouge, LA
November 11, 1980
DS Archives Volume 31
Low Generation

2017 Transfer: DS Archives Low Gen Tapes > Nakamichi DR-01 azimuth-adjusted playback > Sound Devices USBPre2 > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / Ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.37 > FLAC

01 Prove It All Night
02 Two Hearts
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05 Independence Day
06 Factory
07 Jackson Cage
08 The Promised Land
09 Out In The Street
10 The Price You Pay
11 The River
12 Badlands
13 Thunder Road
14 Cadillac Ranch
15 Hungry Heart
16 Fire
17 Candy's Room
18 Because The Night
19 Stolen Car
20 Wreck On The Highway
21 Point Blank
22 The Ties That Bind
23 Crush On You
24 Ramrod
25 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
26 Drive All Night
27 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
28 Born To Run
29 Jungleland
30 Detroit Medley
31 Prove It All Night (Un-patched)

Known Faults:
-Prove It All Night: 19 seconds patched at the start from higher generation source

Welcome back to Volume 31 of the DS Archives with a nice material upgrade to the November 11th Baton Rouge.

Only one recording source has emerged for this stop on the tour, fortunately it is an excellent capture with only one flaw. The start of "Prove It All Night" is cut on the circulating version, the same cut appears on this low gen copy, however, I had in my own archives this same recording source but "Prove It All Night" is not cut. That's the good news, the bad news is my copy was from a much higher generation tape and has a much narrower frequency spectrum. I've included two versions of "Prove It All Night", the first patched with my copy and the second un-patched. This will be the first release of this show 100% complete.

I believe this is the same core source used for the River Flood project which came from a CDR Dan had transferred himself. This torrent takes out the CDR lineage and has been azimuth adjusted on transfer, pitch corrected, channels aligned and some very subtle frequency work. It does have a different feel, I think the azimuth adjustment gives it more frequency headroom but not as forward sounding as the circulating version so it may come down to the preference of the listener.

What else can you say about November 1980, one of greatest months in Bruce's long touring history though it might just be that it holds a special place in my musical conciseness seeing that my second Bruce show took place in Dallas three days prior to this show (a show we will re-visit in the future). Or maybe it's the fact the band is at one of its many high points and front and center during this tour combined with that end of the first leg setlist.

Thanks to the usual suspects, you know them well by now...IvannF, EarlMv, Oats1jvo and Butterking, none of this could happen without each and every one of these folks.

The biggest thanks go to Dan for making his archives available for us all to enjoy...


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