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Cheap Trick - Albaby, New York - 04.22.99   
Cheap Trick

Show or Bootleg Title:
Albaby, New York - 04.22.99

Show Venue:
Palace Theater, Albany, NY

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rjonik [Master -> Tascam DA-20 -> Coax Out -> CO2 Converter -> Optical In -> Adobe Audition]

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Set List/Chapters:
1. I Want You To Want Me
2. Come On, Come On
3. Hot Love
4. Anytime
5. Ain't That A Shame[Fats Domino] w/Jesse Camp
6. I Know What I Want
7. Wrong All Along
8. If You Want My Love
9. Hard To Tell
10. Voices
11. Need Your Love
12. Southern Girls
13. Surrender
14. Shelter
15. Dream Police
16. Goodnight

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Cheap Trick
Palace Theatre, Albany, NY
"Concert For Cornell"
APRIL 22, 1999

Core Sound Binaurals > Sony D7
TAPER: smores
transfer: rjonik [Master -> Tascam DA-20 -> Coax Out -> CO2 Converter -> Optical In -> Adobe Audition]

bill: Cheap Trick/Jay Ungar and Molly Mason/John Mulrooney (comedian)

"Concert For Cornell": Mark Cornell was an Albany County music teacher at South Colonie High School who was killed in an auto accident involving an allegedly drunken driver. The local radio station, WPYX-FM (106.5), organized this event as a benefit to raise money for Cornell's young kids among other scholarships.
As for Jesse Camp, remember him? He just showed up and started jumping around onstage. The crowd boos him and Rick Neilson comes to temper the room. It was an awkward, but funny, moment.
The first song's sound was attrocious, but does improve after a song or two.