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Dream Theater - Dallas TX Dec 2 2017   
Dream Theater

Show or Bootleg Title:
Dallas TX Dec 2 2017

Show Venue:
Toyota Music Factory

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eb0e8ff9bb1e01ddd0f0df66b762162e *01 Dark Eternal Night.flac
3dc52868c6b932d2d469aaea2c5afdef *02 Bigger Picture.flac
de845aaebb395760b6bb2b8775a64a3d *03 Hell's Kitchen.flac
3b41a45bf26b03c7991be16b2d6c0fd0 *04 The Spirit Carries On.flac
84cc2996de979937f4146ecf7573617e *05 Portrait of Tracy.flac
ea391575f346c96b2d86d5db99df1c30 *06 As I Am.flac
6921061c20cb5a055892cfee012cd325 *07 Breaking All Illusions.flac
9f94e9a3161fc0d23e00965214210f30 *08 Pull Me Under.flac

***PLEASE NOTE*** This was a NO RECORDING ALLOWED show, and I was only able to get the first part of the show due to security asking me to turn over the disc I was using to record. They returned the disc to me at the end of the show.
**I am only uploading this show for the hard core Dream Theater collectors as I do not know if there were any other tapers at the show.
Recorded from section 301 Row J seat 41 on Sony MZ-R500 minidisc using Soundpro Signature Stealth cardoid mics with built in bass roll-off. Mastered with Wavepad