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Kevin DuBrow - Live in Buffalo, NY (May 1, 2004)   
Kevin DuBrow

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Live in Buffalo, NY (May 1, 2004)

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Rock And Roll Heaven

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1. Let's Get Crazy
2. Feel The Noize
3. Good Rocking Tonight
4. Bang Your Head

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e765078733d74e11a8f6cc59a958350a *1. Let's Get Crazy.flac
ef07105b702d012f599dc60efb0271f0 *2. Feel The Noize.flac
f9e2a18abd0165f788d5da0352d1f6bf *3. Good Rocking Tonight.flac
abfd7d027304562c9ac4b5ba43b42b51 *4. Bang Your Head.flac

Kevin DuBrow Live in Buffalo, NY at Rock And Roll Heaven on May 1, 2004 in support of his solo album 'In For The Kill'
RIP Kevin :-(
Kevin DuBrow - Vocals
Jeff Martin - Drums
Mike Dattilo - Guitar
Justin Konopa - Bass