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FZ Shows :: 1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR 44.34 AUD (Yojimbo-Bengofury-flambay-Overnitefreak) (By Overnitefreak)   
1984 10 07 (Sound Check)
Theatre de Verdure
Nice FR

unknown gen, (CD rip), AUD, C

We are proud to present this pre-concert sound check from outside the Theatre de Verdure in Nice, France, 33 years ago this past October. I think the best way to describe this seed is by using a classic movie title: "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly".

First the good. We are able to remove this from the "never seen" category of the Zappateers catalogue. Also, despite the audio quality, any Zappa is good Zappa (a statement that no doubt the "non-completists" among us will dispute!). Whatever your thoughts, all Zappa recorded history should be shared hence the existence and sustenance of this site.

Next the bad. It is a sound check so there isn't a lot of complete songs here and nothing really unusual to discover. Although, FZShows lists the first "track" as "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" but it is clearly "The Dangerous Kitchen" Frank is reciting. Maybe someone will like that. The biggest issue here is the taper is clearly outside the venue so it is echoey, muffled, generally hard to hear, plagued by passing vehicles and their horns, even a dog barking at one point! The tape flip in "Little Girl Of Mine" is preceded by massive tape speed issues and still has some warbling despite Flambay's master touch.

The ugly is pretty ugly. This recording came on traded CDR and is apparently NR'd. All attempts to find an untouched source tape have failed. So, after languishing in the Samples section for almost 10 years, we felt it is damn time to put it out to the Zappateers community. Should an upgrade appear, we will gladly present it. Until then, enjoy or try to enjoy this look back at FZ's preparations for the Nice audience in waiting. - Overnitefreak

Current FZshows entry:
1984 10 07 - Theatre de Verdure, Nice, France
40 min, Aud, C
The Jazz Discharge Party Hats, drum check, bass check, keyboard check (incl. Alien Orifice), guitar check (incl. Andy), sax/keyboard check (incl. Alien Orifice, The Evil Prince), FZ guitar check (incl. Zoot Allures), drum check, Little Girl Of Mine, The Closer You Are, Moggio

This copy: 44.34 min, AUD, C

Lineage: AUD > unknown equipment > tape > CDR's > WAV > TLH > Flac > Soundforge 10 > Flac Frontend (250 MB)

Taped by: n/a
Collected by: Yojimbo
Transferred by: BengoFury (seems to be a NR'ed source)
Edited by: Flambay & Overnitefreak

Additional notes from flambay:
Each individual track speed corrected usually -10cts or -15 cts. Track 10 Little Girl has a cut at around 6:00 and heavy speed variation before that cut due to batteray fatigue. Speed there has been approximately adjusted, much warble still audible. Track 12 Moggio doesn't need any sc.

Frank Zappa, Ray White, Ike Willis, Bobby Martin, Alan Zavod, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman

Set list:
01 The Dangerous Kitchen [1:14]
02 drum check [6:41]
03 bass check [1:18]
04 1st keyboard check (incl. Alien Orifice) [3:49]
05 1st guitar check (incl. Andy) [1:28]
06 sax check [1:04]
07 2nd keyboard check (incl. Alien Orifice, The Evil Prince) [3:27]
08 FZ guitar check (incl. Zoot Allures) [1:44]
09 another drum check [3:39]
10 FZ prepares band for full sound check [1:04]
11 Little Girl Of Mine [13:39]
12 The Closer You Are [3:56]
13 Moggio [1:11]

Total time: 44.34 mins (250MB)

Thanks to the unknown taper.
Thanks to Yojimbo for collecting.
Thanks to all who contributed to saving the Yojimbo collection.
Thanks to Bengofury for transferring.
Thanks to Flambay for speed correction and other editing bizniz.

Brought to you by Overnitefreak.

Enjoy !! - January 2018


Samples history:

Full show seeded here:

1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 01 The Dangerous Kitchen.flac:07ab8fb24612ed594e017ea02a100790
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 02 drum check.flac:2d757cd9997aa5a64ca7023ec0a65361
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 03 bass check.flac:15e4c181352efd11fdbc598b10cd9200
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 04 1st keyboard check.flac:a493df6281b94ece93eb12dd9f7a68c2
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 05 1st guitar check.flac:b64aa6e1a44e573e54b7cc8345f7daac
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 06 sax check.flac:07fb4770419a204c310556d1860bccbd
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 07 2nd keyboard check.flac:d57db88b4eba920a08057901b62f2988
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 08 FZ guitar check.flac:69a1d5ef5ae37b2b390188a69ccb6b69
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 09 another drum check.flac:7e99c399f05c623fb10372bcd6c57c71
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 10 FZ prepares band for full sound check.flac:d5c0df65ee7ccfd47dfb8d1c3003c469
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 11 Little Girl Of Mine.flac:e4b03696468741a3c29a753a92360cc9
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 12 The Closer You Are.flac:91bf4242ec3067b9fe6e05264ba56761
1984 10 07 (SC) Nice FR - 13 Moggio.flac:04f4424edb81ae116a91676b64809d4e