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FZ Videos :: 1978 08 26 Ulm DE 04.48 Pro-Shot (Pittylabelle) (By Pittylabelle)   

1978 08 26 Ulm DE 04.48 Pro-Shot (Pittylabelle)


Broadcast series Snippet:

Original broadcast title: "Ohne Maulkorb, 1978 XX XX"

Location: Festplatz Friedrichsau, Ulm, Germany

TV Station: ORF Fernsehen (Austria)
Broadcast series: "Ohne Maulkorb"
Language: English
Duration complete programme: XX.XX min

Source: YouTube
Original Broadcast date: 1978 XX XX



Vinnie Colaiuta's 1st show with Frank Zappa

The newer seed of rubbershirt, with an excerpt from a "Ohne Maulkorb" episode about the musician Peter Wolf,
caused me to research something more in the Interent.

Peter Wolf Documentary circa 1978 featuring O'Hearn Bozzio Nordegg Heller Stoika

On YouTube I found a part of an interesting "Ohne Maulkorb" contribution to the Frank Zappa Concert 1978 08 26 in Ulm, Germany.
The footage shown for the first time in this program was later used only in excerpts for further documentations of Austrian television.

Among other things probably for:
- X-Large Special (1989)
- A Life as Extravaganza - The Genius Frank Zappa (1993)

The footage shown here is, according to the credits at the end of this video, indeed from a series of "Ohne Maulkorb" and probably also from 1978,
but it is definitely NOT the episode of malkie's torrent:

1978 03 30 "No muzzle", 1984 Rudi Dolezal interview, 1989 "X Large Special" PAL DVD (malkie)

OK, here we have nearly 5 minutes of the concert from 1978 08 26 Ulm, Germany.

Although only in modest YouTube quality (the best currently available), but at least on Zappateers in this length so far unpublished.

The interesting thing: the beginning of the concert shown here was edited rather harshly and unprofessionally by Austrian Television at that time,
In the case of Dancin' Fool and Easy Meat, edited in the middle of the pieces, where it was obviously important that the cutted pieces still sound continuously.

Funniest examples:

03 Dancin' Fool
edited down from 3.42 to 0.57 mins
at edit point 02:07 - we hear only twice "I'm a dancin' fool, I'm a dancin' fool" instead of four times.

04 Easy Meat
edited down from 5.28 to 1.52 mins
starts with "She wanna take me home ..." and the solo was completely edited



Just downloaded freely from YouTube

No conversion

Original YouTube video uploaded by user Bob Saydlowski:
"Vinnie Colaiuta - 1st show w Frank Zappa - Sept 1978 Ulm Germany.mp4"


Frank Zappa's Band, August - October 1978:
(World Premiere show with this line-up !!)

FZ, Ike Willis, Denny Walley, Arthur Barrow,
Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf



01 Keyboard Intro {00:00-00:13} cuts in
02 Purple Lagoon Intro {00:13-01:32}
03 Dancin' Fool {01:32-02:29} ┬░┬░┬░ heavily edited
04 Easy Meat {02:29-04:21} ┬░┬░┬░ heavily edited
05 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me? ┬░┬░┬░ completely edited out by Austrian TV
06 Keep It Greasey {04:21-04:48} ┬░┬░┬░ cuts out

Total time 4.48 min



Seeded by Pittylabelle, for / 2018 02 13

Brought to you by Pittylabelle - Enjoy!


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