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Dean Ween Group Live at Shakedown Bar on 2018-03-08   
Dean Ween with Brothers Keeper
Shakedown Bar
Vail, CO

SOURCE: Beyerdynamic CK930 + Nevaton MCE400 > Naiant IPA > Sound Devices MixPre-6 (@ 24/48)


1. Intro
2. Did You See Me?
3. Are You Experienced?
4. Bananas and Blow
5. My Own Bare Hands
6. Garry
7. Exercise Man
8. Transdermal Celebration
9. Pandy Fackler
10. The Ritz Carlton
11. Buckingham Green
12. Fingerbanging
13. Superstar
14. Mercedes Benz
15. Piss Up A Rope
16. Help Me Scrape The Mucase Off My Brain
17. Dickey Betts



### Feel free to share, remaster, remix, sample, reverse it and check for Satanic messages, or whatever else you want to do with this recording...just don't sell it. Please support this artist by going to see their shows and buying their merch! Please keep this seeded for as long as possible after downloading! Thanks. ###