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1970-05-02 Madison [FD Stereo Merge and Cleanup]   
Dane County Memorial Coliseum
Madison, WI
1970-05-02 [Funkydrummer Stereo Merge and Cleanup]

Last time around, I cleaned up the 3rd Source, which is the cleanest of the three sources - but the end result was mono.
Now it's time for Stereo. 3rd Source was already done...

Like other Madison merges, I used 1st and 3rd source mainly with some 2nd source to patch where necessary.

Notes from 3rd Source: (audience), Unknown generation, Unknown lineage, but definitely an upgrade to the two other known sources. The tape starts halfway Fire, and Loverman (after Hear my Train Comin) is missing.

Lineage: 3rd Source FLAC > (Adobe Audition 3 NR, EQ, Multiband Compression) > FLAC

Other Sources - (2nd Source was ATM 141-142 RAW), 1st source was had to be lifted from Vibratory's 2 source stereo merge - I don't have the 1st source, so I used the first source channel, which I cleaned up...
The merges were re-done by myself basically timestretching to previous merges by Vibratory and Karsten (thanks!)

Merges are 1st and 3rd Source unless indicated:

01 - Intro [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
02 - Fire [2nd Source and 3rd Source (halfway in)]
03 - Room Full Of Mirrors
04 - Hear My Train
05 - Lover Man [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
06 - Red House
07 - Message To Love
08 - Ezy Rider
09 - Machine Gun
10 - Star Spangled Banner
11 - Foxy Lady
12 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
13 - Purple Haze

(All 3rd source tracks were pitch corrected to correct pitch - ie ATM 141-142)

Notes on missing 3rd source tracks:
Intro - Most of the Intro is only available on 1st source tape - as I didn't have it - I lifted a mono channel from Vibratory's 2 source stereo merge, then I used the small section from intro from ATM 141 RAW. Which I merged. DON'T USE THIS AS A GUIDE TO OVERALL SOUND QUALITY! It is not bad, but things sound much better when 3rd source starts...oh yeah and I shaved off the whilstle at the very beginning...
Fire - Used the 2nd Source RAW tapes, which I crossfaded into the cleaner 3rd source - you can hear around 1:10 mark...
(For completion sake - I have included as BONUS - the original incomplete 3rd source version too)
Lover Man - Made my own narrow stereo merge of 1st and 2nd Sources

A couple of examples of the merge to check out -