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1992-07-23 - Brendan Byrne Arena - E. Rutherford, NJ - Aud - Two of Us   
Bruce Springsteen
July 23, 1992
Brendan Byrne Arena
East Rutherford, NJ

Source: Aud
Taper: Two of Us
Transfer: Flynn

Recording: Sony mic (unsure of model) --> Sony DC6

Transfer from Master Cassettes: Sony DC6 --> Fast Track Pro --> Live Lite --> Nuendo 4 --> Adobe Audition --> Converted to Flac via Trader's Little Helper

1. Better Days
2. Local Hero
3. Lucky Town
4. Dancing in the Dark
5. Darkness on the Edge of Town
6. If I Should Fall Behind
7. 57 Channels
8. The River
9. Living Proof
10. My Hometown
11. Leap of Faith
12. Man's Job
13. Roll of the Dice
14. Prove It All Night
15. Cover Me
16. Brilliant Disguise
17. With Every Wish
18. Souls of the Departed
19. Born in the USA
20. Real World
21. Light of Day
22. Glory Days
23. Working on the Highway
24. Bobby Jean
25. Hungry Heart
26. Thunder Road
27. Born to Run
28. My Beautiful Reward

A secondary source was used to fill missing holes in the Two of Us recording. The secondary source used was:

GD-VG Aud Rec:Toshiba KT-4087>Maxell XLII 90>Polderbits>WAV>TLH>Flac>You

Patches from secondary source:
-- First 28 seconds of Better Days
-- First 29 seconds of Living Proof
-- Last 1:52 of Roll of the Dice
-- First 14 seconds of Prove It All Night
-- Light of Day: 2:30 to 3:48
-- Last 26 seconds of Thunder Road (audience noise only)
-- Born to Run: first 12 seconds; 1:01 to 1:22

Other known issues:
-- The first four songs are somewhat muted (tape issue, I believe). *
-- The River fades out early, but only a second or two of music is lost.
-- My Beautiful Reward fades out early.

* I was tempted to not patch the first few seconds of Better Days, but I felt the, "Good evening, my friends" intro was too important. I was then tempted to use the secondary source for those first few songs, but stayed with the Two of Us source for those. I would not be insulted if listeners replaced the first four songs from this recording with tracks from the secondary source.