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1992-07-23 East Rutherford NJ (Atlasstar Master)   
A repost from 2008.

Bruce Springsteen
Meadowlands Arena
East Rutherford NJ
Master Audience Recording

GD-VG Aud Rec:Toshiba KT-4087>Maxell XLII 90>Polderbits>WAV>TLH>Flac>You

Disc One 68:03

01-Better Days 4:56
02-Local Hero 6:39
03-Lucky Town 4:58
04-Dancing In The Dark 5:50
05-Darkness On The Edge Of Town 5:14
06-If I Should Fall Behind 5:56
07-57 Channels 6:36
08-The River 5:10
09-Living Proof 8:00
10-My Hometown 8:29
11-A Leap Of Faith 6:08

Disc Two 65:23

01-A Man's Job 7:12
02-Roll Of The Dice 12:10
03-Prove It All Night 5:41
04-Cover Me 6:27
05-Brilliant Disguise 4:55
06-With Every Wish 7:03
07-Sould Of The Departed 5:35
08-Born In The USA 7:00
09-Real World 9:15

Disc Three 59:39

01-Light Of Day 11:49
02-Glory Days 13:17
03-Working On The Highway 4:51
04-Bobby Jean 4:24
05-Hungry Heart 6:41
06-Thunder Road 7:50
07-Born To Run 6:03
08-My Beautiful Reward 4:41

Disc Four 45:33

01-WNEW FM Concert Coverage

This was the opening night of an eleven night stand in New Jersey. I caught the first night and the last night. This is the first time I've transfered this to digital. I made one copy of this show at the time for a friend but other then that this recording is uncirculated.

I also left a tape recorder running at home to capture the concert coverage. This is a collection of snippets as they cut away from regular programming to broadcast from the show. There are bits of the show that they broadcast but the sound is not very good. Unfortuantely I ran out of tape around the midway point of the coverage so it is incomplete. This was edited down at the time to cut out the regular programming. It is actually interesting to listen to juxtaposed to the concert.

I have not yet gotten around to doing any artwork yet as I have not found any photos from this tour that I am happy with. If I get around to doing some I will post later.


Bruce Springsteen ┬ľ lead vocals, guitar & harmonica
Shane Fontayne ┬ľ guitar
Tommy Sims ┬ľ bass
Zachary Alford ┬ľ drums
Roy Bittan ┬ľ keyboards
Crystal Taliefero ┬ľ guitar, percussion & background vocals, saxophone on "Born to Run"
Bobby King ┬ľ background vocals
Gia Ciambotti ┬ľ background vocals
Carol Dennis ┬ľ background vocals
Cleopatra Kennedy ┬ľ background vocals
Angel Rogers ┬ľ background vocals
Patti Scialfa ┬ľ guest appearances for guitar & harmony vocals on "Brilliant Disguise" and "Human Touch"

Created by Atlasstar 2-2008
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