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Peter Gabriel - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014   
Pro-shot broadcast of the highlights of the rock & Roll Hall of Fame that took place 14th April 2014, (Broadcast Date 31st May 2014)

Start Credits
Peter Gabriel Induction
Peter Gabriel Speech
Washing of the Water
In Your Eyes
Linda Rondstat Induction
Different Drum
Blue Bayou
You're No Good
It's So Easy
When Will I be Loved
Kiss Induction
Kiss Speeches
Cat Stevens Induction
Cat Stevens Speech
Father and Son
Wild World
Peace Train
Brian Epstein & Andrew loog Oldham Induction
Daryl Hall & John Oates Induction
Daryl Hall & John Oates Speech
She's Gone
You Make My Dreams
E Street Shuffle
The E Street Band Induction
E Street Speeches / Kitty@s Back
Nirvana Induction
Smells Like Teen Spirit
All Apologies
End Credits

NTSC Format

how funny watching this and thinking to myself... humn Gabriel and inductees/performers ....
Springsteen the Human rights tour, The Sun City single with Steve Van Zanst, Playing Flute for Cat Stevens on his Mona Bone album back in 1970 who was also inducted.... its a small world sometimes

Note : Artwork will be forwarded to the Genesis Movement when ready (im way behind on art )