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Rael Imperial Arie Crown Kid (Re-tracked, cleaned and patched) (Arie Crown Theater McCormick Place, Chicago IL 1975-02-04)   
I was reviewing my lambs stock, and found this incredibly clear recording which I had dismissed for the same reason maybe some of you also did: duplicated tracks, some of them corrupted, tracks less than half a minute long, and general disarray. I was surprised no one seemed to have done something about it.
This is not a remaster. The original files were left as they were, only maybe edited in length to make them fit properly with the patches when needed.
Some of them have the first second or two of the following track; some were corrected and others weren't. But I see The lamb as an album to be listened to continuously, so the exact point where tracks begin or end doesn't seem critical to me.
First I searched for a show from which I could draw files to patch the missing or corrupted sections. It had to be close chronologically; I didn't think it was right to patch a song from the beginning of February 1975 with one from May or from November 1974.
Grand Rapids, two days previous, didn't have the necessary files. Neither did Hannover nor Copenhagen. Finally I settled with Berkeley from January 22. It also sonically matched the show in question pretty well (I could not use Kansas or Phoenix; the change in sound quality would be a shock; and I avoided the iconic Shrine).  
I left the patches as separate tracks to make it easy to find them (instead of listing "patch at 2:39", etc.)
Though pretty full of glitches, I left "It" from the original because it is complete and though annoying, it is bearable and it's the real thing after all.
Hope you can now listen to this great audience recording more often.