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Clapton w/ Phil Collins, Knopfler&Elton John,Guildford 1988-02-07   
From TTD, thanks to the original uploader
Eric Clapton
Civic Hall
Guildford, UK
7th February 1988

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1. Crossroads
2. White room
3. I shot the sheriff
4. Wonderful tonight
5. Run
6. Same old blues
7. Tearing us apart
8. Holy mother

1. Badge
2. Let it rain
3. Cocaine
4. Intro Layla
5. Layla
6. Behind the mask
7. Sunshine of your love
8. Money for nothing
9. Further on up the road

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton: Guitar and Vocals
Mark Knopfler: Guitar
Nathan East: Bass
Alan Clark: Keyboards
Tessa Niles: Vocals
Katie Kassoon: Vocals
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Steve Ferrone: Drums
Phil Collins: Drums
Elton John: Piano