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Phil Collins Liverpool 2017-06-02 Alternative version   
Phil Collins
Not Dead Yet Tour Live
Liverpool 2017-06-02

Hey ! As the yild4genesis and Rael Demlin recent PC not dead yey live shows flood seem to be over (thanx to both of them really) i continue this effort by uploading a alternative version of the intial show in Liverpool. Unfornatelly i had a very uncomplete version of it (from the intro to the begining of Hang in long enough) so i've just added my files (intro, odds, paradise, one more night, wake up call, FYFM, CTBTY et I missed again)to the previous version torrented of the show. Phil was talkative that night so you'll have in this version all the chats between the opening songs and and a complete recording of CTBTY and missed again.

Hope some people enjoy.

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Track 01 to 08 : ZOOM H1 recording
Track 09 to 24 : Same as the previous torrent posted      



01 Intro
02 Against All Odds
03 Another Day In Paradise
04 One More Night
05 Wake Up Call
06 Follow You Follow Me
07 Can't Turn Back The Years
08 I Missed Again
09 Hang In Long Enough
10 Separate Lives
11 Only You Know And I Know
12 Nick Drum Solo
13 I Don't Care Anymore
14 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
15 You Know What I Mean
16 In The Air Tonight
17 You Can't Hurry Love
18 Dance Into The Light
19 Invisible Touch
20 Easy Lover
21 Sussudio
22 Rappel
23 If You Love(Really Love Me)
24 Take Me Home

Art Included

Thanks To Rael Demlin once again.