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COTW 2008.07.04 - Kelowna (Prospera Place, Kelowna, BC, Canada) Not in OEB   
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Mark Knopfler
Prospera Place,
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Friday, July 4th, 2008

FLAC (8) Lossless tape source

Taper: LeifH

01 filming announcment
02 Cannibals
03 Why Aye Man
04 What It Is
05 Sailing to Philadelphia
06 True Love Will Never Fade
07 The Fish and The Bird
08 Hill Farmers Blues
09 Romeo & Juliet  Pt. 1 [flip-cut]
10 Romeo & Juliet  Pt. 2
11 Sultans of Swing
12 fake encore 1
13 band intros
14 Marbletown
15 Postcards From Paraguay
16 Telegraph Road
17 fake encore 2 [change-not cut]
18 Brothers in Arms
19 Shangri-La
20 So Far Away
21 Theme from Local Hero
22 exiting the building
23 walking home

Time: 2:05:56

Notes: The concert was orignally scheduled to be a half concert bowl. But when the ticket company sold all of those tickets, they realized they could sell the whole arena.
During "07", ICM security came up to our seats and said, "If we catch you smoking again, we're gonna have to escort you out of the building."
Shortly after, you can also faintly hear someone say, "I'm surprised they were that quick." I was surprised, too. We hadn't even smoked half the joint yet!
During "11", you can hear somone say, "Where's the guy with the afro? He's missing this!" (He went to the bathroom) Had psilocybin tea prior to the show.

Flac fingerprints:

01 filming announcment.flac:03ec78c5d4c64b1a807da42fc586b4bf
02 Cannibals.flac:8b94170fabb56b3475502011a4978c7f
03 Why Aye Man.flac:37401d7597f4a9a98734dff74174dd28
04 What It Is.flac:217870ea3710ee5424198d57bfb589e4
05 Sailing to Philadelphia.flac:61479aa35ca7928f0373dba893a6efe1
06 True Love Will Never Fade.flac:33eebcbfeafd04f91304ef2402f1bc1a
07 The Fish and The Bird.flac:0fa7c91b60e8031e024122fe33a907bf
08 Hill Farmers Blues.flac:f2b3a1060aaff6c666f47b3478c3706e
09 Romeo & Juliet  Pt. 1.flac:d8f0807d3d00dab80c08d2e2baecaafd
10 Romeo & Juliet  Pt. 2.flac:d78cd5760d2861392f23d04c8c15f628
11 Sultans of Swing.flac:7b21bf8a1221dcc9f62ce5f64898657f
12 fake encore 1.flac:f062a6224b84c865028a84c8acd82af2
13 band intros.flac:5a7907b2ab5428cea9cbda03d2dd7eec
14 Marbletown.flac:2bdf348f907b2798ed2b2f1d18b1aa41
15 Postcards From Paraguay.flac:c907010099106a373d47be4b06b3a472
16 Telegraph Road.flac:b7354df734abfbe1cde813fa558a7ec7
17 fake encore 2.flac:2c6ddd8ed5bb79aec822f02bc5c4fb6a
18 Brothers in Arms.flac:d3d428064176d306ea97e2027f89fe95
19 Shangri-La.flac:31baa01dc7735d2019f602627779390c
20 So Far Away.flac:9228930bdb7c8b10848440f8045a59cd
21 Theme from Local Hero.flac:1a59eff75f8e926366cc3e8c78f1383a
22 exiting the building.flac:d1a3ca5f0fbbe5fa413eb9aa227ab9ae
23 walking home.flac:20ef6047403a55a36bd4681efbfa71c2