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Iron Maiden - 2018-07-06 Paris, France   
Iron Maiden

Show or Bootleg Title:
2018-07-06 Paris, France

Show Venue:
AccorHotels Arena

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:

SP-SPSB-10 > Edirol R05 > Adobe Audition 8.0 > xACT 2.45 > Flac8 01

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Set List/Chapters:
01 Churchill's Speech
02 Aces High
03 Where Eagles Dare
04 2 Minutes to Midnight
05 The Clansman
06 The Trooper
07 Revelations
08 For the Greater Good of God
09 The Wicker Man
10 Sign of the Cross
11 Flight of Icarus
12 Fear of the Dark
13 The Number of the Beast
14 Iron Maiden
15 encore break
16 The Evil That Men Do
17 Hallowed Be Thy Name
18 Run to the Hills

Checksums or Fingerprints:
ecc3db18e3ab119399559ed9396d933d *Marqueur 01.flac
c4c21b8a3721212452cd1b21d83acd09 *Marqueur 02.flac
61c29b6854c8418233602b2e2c7b5435 *Marqueur 03.flac
bf0bbee5699ed03ac4192dcf001bd6c4 *Marqueur 04.flac
6441af7479a6f9f355bc2ca97d495de6 *Marqueur 05.flac
16c874db6ad6ff6d5a19182a9e697887 *Marqueur 06.flac
6c3f9d13b1616b11c1a011d49c388b15 *Marqueur 07.flac
85a6ca38be4b0f19a24056ab069776c2 *Marqueur 08.flac
abc3bcc7d7bbafa9ce8783ed8b5cbadd *Marqueur 09.flac
ecf3f0fae2d343ff1cbd3a294dcd4ae0 *Marqueur 10.flac
c80d41f5be2241715261a3e651d563d2 *Marqueur 11.flac
93564647f4643d1dc89ecdcf6e681588 *Marqueur 12.flac
159cb20ee166357b85504d9ebcb5bac0 *Marqueur 13.flac
9372cf9e6d76d78973ecf470521cf91e *Marqueur 14.flac
63c480b8cda2b44fcf4bed7803976d9c *Marqueur 15.flac
21a88f8b51735acd45c0f4da83f02f73 *Marqueur 16.flac
c6ef8db10d96222799aa7c4b47ac9dc7 *Marqueur 17.flac
23748ca918bbd22aeca23638bfa5d72c *Marqueur 18.flac