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COTW 1983.05.18 - Live in Vienna 1983 (Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria)   
Esta descarga pertenece a la iniciativa Concert Of The Week (COTW).
La KnopflerTK en colaboración con Knopfler Unlimited. Un proyecto online para normalizar, etiquetar y subir a la nube todos los conciertos conocidos.
This download belongs to the Concert Of The Week (COTW) initiative.
The KnopflerTK in collaboration with Knopfler Unlimited. An online project made to normalize, tag and upload to the cloud all the recordings known.

Dire Straits - Live in Vienna, May 18, 1983

This one is a replacement for:
It seems to be the same but without the "digital clicks".

Based on upload to easytree Feb. 2, 2005 by Knut
(with repost to dime May 25, 2005 by mmax85 & Sept. 26, 2006 IrisRose)

CHANGES: Removed 2 microgaps in d1 tr 2 & d2 tr 2 each.

Playtime: 71:53.61 & 38:44.63

original info-file:

This bootleg has very, very good sound.
Some strange noises can be heard sometimes, but not too often.
Complete concert.

1. Intro
2. Once upon a time in the west
3. Industrial disease
4. Expresso love
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Love over gold
7. Private investigations
8. Sultans of swing
9. Twisting by the pool
10. Two young lovers
11. Portobello belle

1. Intro: Carousel Waltz
2. Tunnel of love
3. Telegraph road
4. Solid rock
5. Going Home (Local Hero)