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Mark Knopfler w. Bob Dylan - Missing Infidels   
got this on a floyd hub, but as it has knopfler on it, i thought i migh tas well share it here:
When I was writing my article on the Infidels session (ISIS 113) I realised that two Infidels tapes were not in general circulation.
The 1st Infidels OTs appeared on "Down in the Flood" LP & CD and on the "Outfidels" LP but in very poor quality (poor source tapes and the CD was made from the Vinyl LP). The "Friend to the Martyr (Outfidels)" CD although having the same cover, as the Vinyl "outfidels" is actually from the 2nd Infidels OTs.

These tracks were mastered from my tape of the session. The "work tape" circulated briefly before the Infidels release, but has never appeared on any bootlegs as far as I am aware. This tape contains totally different (and superior) mixes to the official release.

First Infidels OTs
01 Jokerman (alt take)
02 License to Kill (diff mix)
03 Man of Peace (diff mix)
04 Neigbourhood Bully (diff mix)
05 Don't Fall Apart on me Tonight (alt take)
06 Blind Willie McTell (electric)
07 Sweetheart Like You (alt take)
08 I and I (not overdubbed)
09 Foot of Pride (cut)

Infidels Work Tape
01 Jokerman
02 Sweetheart Like You
03 Neigbourhood Bully
04 License to Kill
05 Man of Peace
06 Union Sundown
07 I and I
08 Don't Fall Apart on me Tonight