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Dylan-Knopfler compilation 2011   
Description :

Compilation "Duet Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler"
October, november 2011

Here are the 18 different songs played by Dylan & Knopfler between October and November 2011, and a specially-made artwork.

This compilation was made to sound like a single show : thanks to Seb for this very good job ! (crossfading between tracks, global mastering, etcÂ…)
Thanks to François for all.

Initially made for myself, a friend of mine told me that this compilation could interest some people on dimeÂ… even if, since this time, a good compilation appears "Two Buddies in Europe".

intro (04/11/2011 Stockholm, Sweden)
leopard skin Pill Box Hat (04/11/2011 Stockholm, Sweden)
to Ramona (04/11/2011 Stockholm, Sweden)
things have changed (04/11/2011 Stockholm, Sweden)
tangled up in blue (04/11/2011 Stockholm, Sweden)
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (14/10/2011 Bornemouth, England)
blind willie mac tell (23/10/2011 Oberhausen, Germany)
john brown (25/10/2011 Mannheim, Germany)
boots of spanish leather (31/10/2011 Hamburg, Germany)
man in the long black coat (31/10/2011 Hamburg, Germany)
the levee's gonna breack (31/10/2011 Hamburg, Germany)

it ain't me babe (02/11/2011 Herning, Denmark)
mississippi (02/11/2011 Herning, Denmark)
girl of the north country (03/11/2011  Malmo, Sweden)
don't think twice (06/11/2011 Hannover, Germany)
shooting star (08/11/2011  Innsbruck, Austria)
trying to get to heaven (20/11/2011  London, England)
it's all over now, baby blue (21/11/2011  London, England)
forever young (21/11/2011  London, England)

bonus (without M. Knopfler)
simple twist of fate
lonesome death of hattie carroll (19/11/2011  London, England)
ballad of a thin man (20/11/2011  London, England)

Bob Dylan : vocals guitar, keyboard, harp
Mark Knopfler : guitar, vocals *

Tony Garnier : bass
George Recile : drums
Stu Kimball : rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton : lead guitar
Donnie Herron : viola, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

About the choice :
after comparison, I took the versions that appeared to me the best (performance, sound quality, audienceÂ…).
Obviously, this choice is arbitrary and personal, nevertheless I hope that you will appreciate.
I added 3 bonus tracks without Knopfler (very arbitrary and personal too).

As I didn't expect to upload those tracks, I didn't note which source I've chosen. So, apologies, and thanks to all the tapers who make a great job for all of us !