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1977-03-04 Jacksonville (& My Father's Place) [Midnight Beat]   
1977-03-04 Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)

Label: Midnight Beat Format: 2CD
Catalog #: MD CD 064/065 Source: Audience
Total Time: 125:44 Sound: 8.5
Date: March 4, 1977 Performance: 8.9
Location: Auditorium, Jacksonville, Overall: 8.6

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Original Silvers -> WAV -> FLAC (level 8, allign border sectors & verify)

Disc 1: (70:42)

01. Night (3:59)
02. Rendezvous (3:33)
03. Spirit In The Night (8:04)
04. It's My Life (12:20)
05. Thunder Road (6:23)
06. Mona - She's The One (11:09)
07. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (4:42)
08. Action In The Streets (6:44)
09. Backstreets (13:47)

Disc 2: (55:02)

01. Jungleland (11:14)
02. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (8:55)
03. Spirit In The Night (5:25)
04. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street (4:44)
05. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (3:24)
06. You Mean So Much To Me (7:48)
07. Thundercrack (13:31)


- Disc 1 Track 7 & 8 with The Miami Horns
- Disc 2 Track 2 with The Miami Horns
- Disc 2 Track 3-7 My Father's Place, Roslyn, New York 1973-07-31
- Disc 2 Track 3-7 taken from a radio broadcast on WLIR-FM

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BruceBase: " Show includes a particularly fine "Backstreets", including the "Â…wishing that God would send some angels and blow this whole town right into the sea" lines in the interlude. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes Steve playing a snippet of "The Godfather Love Theme" after he is introduced and a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection.

Audience tape - incomplete (cutting during "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)", but the quality is remarkable for the time. Released on CD 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)' (Midnight Beat) and CDR remaster 'Talk It In Our Hearts' (Ev2).

Upon close examination of the audience recording of the March 6, 1977 show at Jai Alai Fronton in Miami, FL it has been discovered it is the exact same recording as 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place)'. The evidence we have strongly suggests that the recording actually dates from March 6, and therefore no audio circulates from March 4 in Jacksonville. The tapes used for the recent JEMS Archive release of March 6 were obtained in the 80s, pre-dating the 1996 release of 'Jacksonville (& My Father's Place). Unfortunately the taper of this fine recording, John Tsalikes, passed away in 2003. However, if you ever traded either March 4 or March 6 with John or can shed some light on this issue, please get in touch with us. "


"It's nice to be in Florida."