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Ween - Pure Guava Demos (FLAC)   
Pure Guava Demos (1 disc) B

These are slightly different (rough) versions than the ones that appear on 'Pure Guava' Every Ween fan should own this jewel!


encoded by Chocolate Mike

Sorry no source info on this.  I received none. 
This show was FLACed from WAV files extracted with Exact Audio Copy
from a CDR obtained through
a trustworthy source. Enjoy--cm

2.Puerto Rican Power (pts.1&2)
3.Tender Situation
4.The Stallion pt.3
5.Mourning Glory
6.Hey Fatboy (Asshole)
7.Little Birdy
8.A Tear For Eddie pt.2
9.Captain Fantasy pt.2
10.Push Th' Little Daisies
11.Sarah (some non-Ween song fades in then back out in the middle)
12.I Saw Gener Crying In His Sleep
13.Big Jilm
14.Poopship Destroyer
15.I Played It Off Legit'
16.Pay The Pig