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An important part of mastering combat   
There is a lot of interesting sophistication to battle and some of the way this is accomplished is by simply turning"normal" convention on its head. By way of example, at a lot of games knocking down an opponent will give bonuses and it is something you do want to do. However, in Elsword if you knockdown an opponent in PvE they will find a damage reduction and in PvP it will give rise to a combo to finish by Elsword ED. Knockdowns can happen by using certain skills or if a particular number of strikes are reached. Managing the knockdown counter is also an important part of mastering combat. Learning the combos and the way in which they function is also a massive portion of mastering a personality.

Pets are an essential aspect of the game because when they're leveled up all the way they have an assortment of abilities that can be quite useful in dungeons. How do you level up pets? By filling the Affinity bar of course. While at a dungeon, and with your pet summoned, each time an enemy is killed the Affinity pub will increase. But in case your pet's hunger is under 60 percent it won't raise its girth and whether its appetite drops under 40 percent it will lose affinity. Thus, making certain that your pet is cooked is important. El Tree Fruit can be easily obtained via the item mall/cash shop, but they are the only food item purchased from there many food items are accessed through playing the sport. You can also story items in your pet's inventory for them to automatically eat when they become hungry.

ED is the money which is earned in sport and K-Ching is bought with cash. In the beginning, I thought the rate of ED profit was a little high, I was over 10k in pretty much no time in any way. But once I started poking around in the shop some, I understood the cheapest thing in there prices 20 million ED which makes me wonder why they did not lower the quantity you get and make everything somewhat more affordable. Obviously once you do higher level dungeons you get ED at a greater speed.