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Multicolored Blues   
Multicolored Blues
(Outtakes 1968-1970)

A multi partnership for this Multicolored Blues!
Rameses II and me could get the files that Richh32 had torrented just before leaving as fast as he came here, except track 1 of disc 1 which was corrupted.
Emil kindly provided a good copy of this track and Rameses II sended the link to me from UK where he's spending some holidays..thanks to you 2
I renamed the tracks in the good order and used the info file & the artwork that I had in my old (and removed now) mp3 version.

Original note (don't know from who..thanks to him)
Another Luna release, Multicolored Blues is a double CD of studio demos & outtakes from the late stages of Jimi's career. Some of these tracks would appear on The Cry Of Love, the album that Jimi was working on at the time of his death. Some would remain unreleased until many years later, some in altered form under the administration of Alan Douglas. A few of the tracks on this CD, Astro Man, Maui Sunset, Pride Of Man, are nothing but jams, sometimes a more cohesive song would emerge from these jams (as in the case of Astro Man), sometimes not. But this was the way Jimi found his inspiration later in his career, rather than trying to write your basic 3 and a half minute single. Lots of great stuff here, though it will probably appeal more to someone who is already a Hendrix fan than the new listener. Alternate versions and mixes are the stuff we fanatics live for One thing the Hendrix fanatic will notice is that 3 Little Bears, at 4:57 long, is listed on the back as being the complete long version. Well, it is longer than the version that appeared on the official release War Heroes, but it is far from complete. The actual jam lasts nearly 13 minutes, with the last 5 minutes or so containing some of the most amazing playing from Jimi since Little Wing (imho). Pick up Mixdown Master Tapes for the complete and best sounding version of it. This would make a nice set for the Hendrix fan who has all the standard releases, and is looking for something that perhaps shows how Jimi worked in the studio, developing his ideas into more finished and polished songs.

Quality is comparable to other Luna releases, very good to excellent. There are 4 tracks missing from the CDR copy of this set that I have. Very annoying, especially since only one song would have had needed to be removed from each CD to make the tracks fit on a couple of standard 74 minute CDs. All in all though, a good collection of alternate & demos versions of some of Jimi's later work.

Disc 1
01 Earth Blues 4:04
02 Dolly Dagger 3:49
03 Room Full Of Mirrors 3:03
04 Stepping Stone 4:18
05 Bleeding Heart 3:09
06 Drifter's Escape 3:00
07 Midnight 4:54 *
08 3 Little Bears 4:57 *
09 Jam Back At The House 5:27
10 Freedom 3:28
11 Lover Man 2:43
12 My Friend 4:31
13 Astro Man 11:14
14 Straight Ahead 3:48
15 1983...A Merman I Shall Turn To Be 4:26
16 Maui Sunset 11:50

Disc 2
01 Slow Time Blues 4:29
02 Freedom 4:14 *
03 Drifting 4:06 *
04 Angel 4:11
05 Belly Button Window 5:11
06 Night Bird Flying 3:30
07 Pride Of Man 15:44
08 Ezy Ryder 3:57
09 Instrumental/Winter Blues 9:19
10 Instrumental/Last Thursday Morning 3:18
11 Crash Landing 4:26
12 Message To Love 3:27
13 Instrumental/Ezy Ryder Rev. 9:31

* Note: These tracks may be missing from some CDR versions of this set.
Catalog #: Luna LU 9317