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1992-07-04 Plaza De Toros, Barcelona, ESP (4th Of July In Barcelona - Flamingo Records)   
Bruce Springsteen
Plaza De Toros, Barcelona, Spain
4th of July In Barcelona
Flamingo Records (FR013-014)

Silvers > EAC > FLAC
Included: log files, md5, ffp, spec & artwork
Total Time: 147.27

Disc 1: (74:13)

1. Better Days
2. Born In The U.S.A.
3. Downbound Train
4. Local Hero
5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
6. If I Should Fall Behind
7. 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)
8. Living Proof
9. Badlands
10. Leap Of Faith
11. Man's Job
12. Roll Of The Dice

Disc 2: (73:14)

1. Lucky Town
2. Brilliant Disguise
3. Tougher Than The Rest
4. Real Man
5. Thunder Road
6. Light Of Day
7. Glory Days
8. Working On The Highway
9. Hungry Heart
10. My Beautiful Reward
11. Born To Run

Tracks 6-9 Plaza De Toros, Barcelona, Spain 1992-07-03

Original rip by Richard Breton, modified 2000-02-01

EDITED by Straybullet 2019-03-15, Artwork, md5, ffp & spec added to the folder to be reshared (Thanks for Richard for the original share!)

101-Better Days.flac:21fcff58ecef99118aeccdc5d8550bc2
102-Born In The USA.flac:8eaa02bd062b7a0b7357025ef86b0cf1
103-Downbound Train.flac:1dabad9b0c896d85ecd586653a79f83d
104-Local Hero.flac:c469b227fe83d30a7a5af5cb6a9959e8
105-Darkness On The Edge Of Town.flac:3079d5b616cca47655c3fbd304fed5f3
106-If I Should Fall Behind.flac:bedac3f9c8d39fa43737519d8450c59d
107-57 Channels (And Nothin' On).flac:4f5c9d95c080b62a7e444c174d3c1f0b
108-Living Proof.flac:c77e8995bf6608b78050d6de74b3fcd6
110-Leap Of Faith.flac:586ea5901aa1ec301ed9e6550a38a3b8
111-Man's Job.flac:8246499749cf6d53611e85669cb8cd22
112-Roll Of The Dice.flac:9f056ea4310e1cb2f70efa224e0200af
201-Lucky Town.flac:efde4024eda098d3e0ab05c7d2e14d9b
202-Brilliant Disguise.flac:2f14c79c98f30b0abf327c98657a839d
203-Tougher Than The Rest.flac:a84ce974ccca15dad1000ec5d8ab0898
204-Real Man.flac:7cb4076006c2820893498cae20dbed11
205-Thunder Road.flac:06487153bd21ba2c5ad9aa0d70aa08bd
206-Light Of Day.flac:7c9ad8e47e0975065d7e6942a6dece98
207-Glory Days.flac:834dd9aeda380420f3a6e8a2c2b073e3
208-Working On The Highway.flac:8f70c63993bbbef9e5f23e7059821cef
209-Hungry Heart.flac:2da5687b0fe96a4296875e7c31d353a0
210-My Beautiful Reward.flac:4b99bc4df7a76f4459252d3a669a2bf3
211-Born To Run.flac:03127414ab1bb4265a83fa95bdaeb0f3

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