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1969 Complete Live Sets Cleanups - by Funkydrummer   
I'm passing this along courtesy of funkydrummer.
All thanks go to funkydrummer for sharing this freely. His notes are below.

1969 - Complete Live Set Cleanups by funkydrummer 13.7gig

1969 Live Collection by Funkydrummer.torrent

This is the result of many hours labour,to best present all available Hendrix live shows.
These were done over a period of many years so some of the earlier efforts may be lacking
- this is an ongoing project, and my skills/techniques have hopefully improved over time.
That said, a couple of shows were hard to chooses which were the best, clean ups of different
sources etc have different results.

In general, I have tried to choose the best so far. I have left off official stuff,
for the most part...So I decided to scrub a couple of SBDs such as RAH 2nd Show or BBC Sessions
- because they are readily available anyway and there was nothing I could add to them.
Have included LA Forum and San Diego as they are currently unavailable as complete shows officially.

Not all the shows have been circulated yet, so many don't have release notes - but in general,
they are all FLAC sourced, unless there was no other means - for example, the AUD tape of San Diego
- which only appeared on YouTube for a short time and then disappeared.

Mostly the sources were ATMs - so they are the best circulating, and I tried to find new
updates from CTT etc to use best sources possible.

This is a work in progress - I have 1968 and 1970 close to completion as well. they should follow soon. If you should find this in your possession,
feel free to circulate...

Funkydrummer - April 2017

1969-01-08 Gothenburg 2nd Show [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-09 Stockholm [1st and 2nd Show]
1969-01-10 Copenhagen (1st and 2nd Show) [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-11 Hamburg 1st and 2nd Show [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-13 Cologne [FD Patch and Cleanup]
1969-01-14 Munster [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-16 Nuremberg 1st and 2nd Show [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-17 Frankfurt [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-19 Stuttgart (1st Show) [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-22 Vienna 1st and 2nd Shows [FD Cleanup]
1969-01-23 Berlin [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-04 Pop Expo and Interview [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-12 Spectrum Philadelphia [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-18 Memphis [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-19 Sam Houston Coliseum [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-20 Dallas [FD Cleanup]
1969-04-26 LA Forum [SBD]
1969-04-27 Oakland [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-03 Toronto [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-11 Indianapolis [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-16 Baltimore [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-17 Providence [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-18 Madison Square Garden NYC [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-24 San Diego [Bob Yeager] [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-24 San Diego [SBD]
1969-05-25 San Jose [FD Cleanup]
1969-05-31 Honolulu [FD Cleanup]
1969-06-20 Newport [FD Cleanup]
1969-06-22 Newport Jam [Patched]
1969-06-29 Denver [FD Cleanup]
1969-07-10 Tonight Show [FD Cleanup]
1969-08-10 Tinker Street Cinema [FD Cleanup]
1969-09-05 Harlem [FD Cleanup]
1969-12-31 Band of Gypsys 2nd Show [FD Cleanup]
Don't know if it's allowed but if the CTT trackers
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