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2002-10-05 Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, New York, NY   
I have the Boston Show, but having issues with the torrent so this one is next

From "The Television Tour" by Rob Oslan Remaster

Title: N/A
Location: NBC Studios, New York, NY
Television Trasmission: Saturday Night Live
Date: October 05, 2002
Label: N/A
Catalog: N/A
Source: Broadcast feed

Original Lineage: Broadcast feed, DVD, Video>CD>WAV>flac

Lineage: flac trade -> THL -> wav -> Nero Wave Editor -> Fade in / Fade Out -> THL -> flac (level 6) (File renamed)

Including: Md5 wav, Md5, ffp, info file


01. My Hometown (Soundcheck)
02. Lonesome Day
03. You're Missing

The sound quality on all these songs are excellent


05/10/02 - Saturday Night Live



Available from original broadcast and the soundchecks and show are circulating on DVD and VHS. Thanks to Steven for the corrected soundcheck. From the liner notes of the This Is your Life DVD set - "A real funny clip. Bruce and the E Street Band are rehearsing for their performance later that evening on Saturday Night Live. They start playing Lonesome Day and a couple minutes into the song Bruce and Steven realize that Patti is missing. She shows up and grabs a guitar halfway into the song. After the song is over, Patti isn't too happy and Bruce says, "There are too many members in the E Street Band now." He then says to Patti: "I was as surprised as you were, darling. That's what practices are for. That's why they call it a run-through." And he then says: "I want to do this song again. I don't care how much it costs!"

05.10.02 New York City, NY, ''Saturday Night Live'' (rehearsal) during ''Lonesome Day'' (1st take)
''(Bruce bursts into laughter during the line ''Better ask questions before you shoot'' as Patti walks onstage late)....I'm gonna find my way through this lonesome day....Pittsburg! *....''

(* I don't know this for a fact but this could be a reference to a gig during the Born In the U.S.A-tour when Roy Bittan and Nils Lofgren were still playing ping-pong backstage when the rest of the band was already starting ''Born in the U.S.A'' onstage. This incident is mentioned in the article in the November 1992 issue of Musician).

05.10.02 New York City, NY, ''Saturday Night Live'' (rehearsal) following ''Lonesome Day'' (1st take)
''(?)....goddammit, somebody's fired, I, I'm not sure who (chuckles) take your pick (chuckles) I'm telling you, baby (?)(chuckles)....oh (chuckles) there are too many members in the E Street Band now (chuckles) we can't even tell if a few are missing (chuckles)....I was as surprised as you were, darling (chuckles) that's why they call it 'a run-through' (chuckles) that's what these practises are for (chuckles) we're gonna do it again, I insist on doing this one more time, I don't care how much it costs....''

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi