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Ray Wilson Edinburgh 2013 Le Monde   
Ray Wilson
Edinburgh 19th June 2013
Le Monde

No Son of Mine
Thats All
Lemon Yellow Sun
Another Day
Carpet Crawlers
Another Day In Paradise
Goodbye Baby Blue
The First Day of Change
Follow You Follow Me
A Tale From A Small Town
Vivaldi Intermezzo
Constantly Reminded
The Airport Song
Solsbury Hill
Wish I Was At Home
Always In My Heart
Romeo and Juliet
Ever The Reason
Wish You Were Here

My first upload torrent so I hope this works

A great show and one of the best I have attended of Ray concerts.
It was nice meeting loads of nice people from around the Europe and more so Maria for the copy of this show
Many thanks to Richard Coppola for filming this whom I have tried to contact but has not replied.
I am sure this is alright to share as Maria was personally given the show from him with Ray's Blessing after she contacted Ray. and then was told at the time from Mr Coppola she can do what ever she likes with the show.

a big thanks to Maria, Ray and Richard