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Ray Wilson - 2003-02-27 Zoetermeer, Holland   
Dave Week - Upload #6.

Coming to the end of 'Dave Week' now, and running out of Ray I can upload...

Just a small one tonight as (shock, horror!) there's some stuff I would like to download myself - but there's a couple more full shows to see out Easter.

Can I please just repeat my request for someone else to upload some Ray that I DON'T have.  It's nice to get Ray you don't have, I hope some of you are finding...well, I'd quite like the same feeling

Look, I've even made a little shortlist of the ones I seek most...

Ray Vent Welkers SBDs 2004-05-29+30
Rheine, Germany 2004-11-23
Bristol 2005-09-21
Milton Keynes 2006-05-06 (Funbags007)
Worpswede 2006-11-10 (DVD)


Tonights upload is a short acoustic set from when Ray supported Saga in early 2003.  This originally came coupled with a Flower Kings show which obviously I've had to remove...and I've also amended the md5 and info file accordingly (the shn's are original).  No artwork I'm afraid...


Ray Wilson
Live in "De Boerderij", Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
(Support Act for Saga)
February 27, 2003

1 - Biko (Peter Gabriel) [4:54]
2 - Inside (Stiltskin) [3:04]
3 - Change [4:08]
4 - Lovers Leap / Carpet Crawlers (Genesis) [6:33]
5 - (Dying To See) Another Day [4:56]
6 - Mama (Genesis) [5:18]

Ray Wilson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Alex Van H. on a Sharp MT99 MiniDisc recorder.

This recording is for TRADE only.  Do not offer to sell or buy copies.