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COTW 1988.07.25 - Radio Sessions 1988-1990   
Esta descarga pertenece a la iniciativa Concert Of The Week (COTW).
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This download belongs to the Concert Of The Week (COTW) initiative.
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ANDY KERSHAW SHOW, BBC Radio 1, London, 25th July 1988
Mark Knopfler, Brendan Croker and Steve Phillips

1. Blues stay away from me
2. Weapon of prayer
3. Please baby
4. That's where I belong

MARY COSTELLO SHOW, BBC GLR94.9 Radio, London, 24th February 1990
Mark Knopfler and Brendan Croker

5. Interview
6. Feel like going home
7. Interview
8. That's where I belong
9. Interview
10. Intro
11. Blues stay away from me
12. Outro

BBC RADIO 2, London, 15th March 1990
Mark Knopfler, Brendan Croker and Steve Phillips

13. Interview
14. When it comes to you
15. Interview
16. Tennessee blues
17. Interview
18. The next time i?m in town
19. Outro