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I'm uploading this for free just in case it's a different capture. I've compared it to SAB 01 v 2. The SQ is as good, if not slightly louder and there are a couple of slight differences. For example, listen to the audience lead out at the end of I Know What I Like.
Earls Court Arena
24 June 1977

FM; Quality = A

Back in the late 1970s, Capital Radio in London used to broadcast a great evening radio show (hosted by 'little' Nicky Horne) called "Your mother wouldn't like it". Aside from broadcasting great music, Capital occasionally broadcast live concerts too.

Towards the end of the 1977 tour, Genesis returned to the UK for three sold out nights at the Earl's Court Arena in London and the second night was broadcast live by Capital. I recall that Nicky had interviewed Genesis several times and unlike previous live broadcasts, the program running time was specially extended to accommodate this concert.

CD 1:
01 Squonk (6:53)
02 One For The Vine (10:09)
03 Robbery, Assault And Battery (07:23)
04 Inside And Out (8:14)
05 Firth Of Fifth (9:16)
06 The Carpet Crawlers (5:17)
07 In That Quiet Earth (4:30)
08 Afterglow (4:21)
09 I Know What I Like (9:17)

CD 2:
01 Eleventh Earl Of Mar (8:29)
02 Supper's Ready (26:05)
03 Dance On A Volcano (4:52)
04 Los Endos (6:01)
05 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (4:50)
06 The Musical Box (3:04)
07 The Knife (3:45)