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1976-10-09-Cashed in Dreams South_Bend(Fanatic_remaster) request   
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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
"Cashed In Dreams" Remastered Edition
Athletic and Convocation Center
Notre Dame University
South Bend, IN
October 9, 1976


Master audience reel > Maxell LN120 cassette > > Nakamichi BX-125 > Aardvark Q10 > 24bit wav > Soundforge 16bit conversion > flac (sector align)

This tape was made on a portable open reel machine. A cassette copy from the master reel was made, and my friend gave me that cassette for transfer. Although the sound is "close"
and excellent, there are flaws apparent. For example, Night has distortion in the opening notes and volume fluctuations, as does Rendezvous toward the beginning. Also, levels do
fluctuate occasionally throughout the recording, and a few microphone bumps are audible.

Another version, appparently from a different copy of the same master, was seeded earlier this year. That version contains a bit more space between songs, but also contains the
same flaws. I suspect some applause, etc., was cut by the taper on this copy in order to fit the entire show onto a single 120 minute cassette. This one does have better sound,
possibly due to a lower number of analog generations.

Don't let the flaws stop you - it's a fine recording of Bruce when he was young, inspired and electric.


This great show from October 9, 1976 South Bend, IN is one of the better audience recordings for this period. It was originally pressed on vinyl and later released on CDR.
According to the info this was transferred from the master reel in 24/96 bit format and resampled to 16/44 bit. The crystal clear quality sure does sound like it. While
the majority of the show sounded incredible there were also some sore spots that needed a little TLC. Sound drops were corrected and you'll hear the difference on those
tracks, especially in "Night". Also on "Night" the levels were cranked for the first few seconds causing a distorted mess. I filtered that the best I could and leveled off
the sound. Much better now to my ears. One of the main things I found odd was the audience editing in between tracks on disc one. I incorporated some audience filler to
give it more of a natural flow. "Rendezvous" got a special treatment and getting rid of the noise was somewhat of a minor miracle. There were quite a few mic rumblings that
I also was able to remove giving the show a cleaner sound. There were technical flaws on "Rosie" that I couldn't repair. The best I could do is close those gaps so you
wouldn't hear dead space. Also, "Something In The Night" faded in from the tape source. While not absolutely perfect, the show now has a better flow and the improvements
that were made will hopefully give you a better listening experience.

New artwork included.


01 Night

02 Rendezvous

03 Spirit in the Night

04 It's My Life

05 Thunder Road

06 She's the One

07 Something in the Night

08 Backstreets

09 Growin' Up


01 10th Avenue Freeze-Out

02 Jungleland

03 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)


05 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
06 Raise Your Hand

07 The Promise

08 Born to Run


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