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1985-08-14-Philadelphia(3rd recorder-2nd gen. mjk5510) req   

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

August 14, 1985
(Recorder 3 - 2nd Generation)

Transfer: 1980's tape trade (2nd Generation) > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (azimuth adjusted) (volume smoothing / indexing / subtle tweak / patch) > xACT > FLAC

The effort to get all available recorders in widespread circulation continues with what I'm labeling as Recorder 3 of the first night in Philadelphia on the final leg of the Born In The USA tour.

This release is a coordinated effort with 'cer001' to release both additional recorders for this night at the same time after we discovered we each had an additional recorder to the circulating version and both are an upgrade to 'Do You Love Me'.

Recorder 1: Released on CDR 'Do You Love Me' (Countdown Factory)

Recorder 2: un-booted Cer001 tape transfer

Recorder 3: un-booted 2nd generation mjk5510 tape transfer

This comes from my 2nd generation tape and is a solid capture of a very good show on a hot humid night in Philly.

Thanks to 'hrubesh' for the sending me the currently circulating version for comparison and to 'cer001' for the patch from his alternate recorder 2 tape source and for getting this whole project started with a query about which source I had.

Download contains artwork for this source...

Transferred with no breaks, suggested breaks for CD burning below but you may choose othewise...

101 - Born In The U.S.A.
102 - Badlands
103 - Out In The Street
104 - Johnny 99
105 - Seeds
106 - Atlantic City
107 - The River
108 - Working On The Highway
109 - Trapped
110 - Darlington County
111 - Glory Days
112 - The Promised Land
201 - My Hometown
202 - Thunder Road
203 - Cover Me
204 - Dancing In The Dark
205 - Hungry Heart
206 - Cadillac Ranch
207 - Downbound Train
208 - I'm On Fire
209 - Pink Cadillac
210 - Bobby Jean
211 - This Land Is Your Land
301 - Born To Run
302 - Ramrod
303 - Twist And Shout + Do You Love Me
304 - Sherry Darling



-Atlantic City: 2 minutes patched with Recorder 2 (cer001 source)

-Cover Me: First couple of seconds missing, I was going to patch this with Recorder 1 but the quality is very different and since it was only a few seconds of the intro I thought better left un-patched in this particular source.

-Do You Love Me: 15 seconds of static in the tape source (recording technical issue??)