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The news

2010-10-11: New sites: Brown Tracker and PunkTorrents
Brown Tracker concentrates on music of Ween. A very special site: Punk - Hardcore - Ska - New Wave - Community.

2010-10-10: New sites: Upstate Tapers und Throwndown
Upstate Tapers is a small US American torrent site, ThrownDown concentrates on music of Fleetwood Mac and the solo works.

2010-10-01: New feature: Saved seaches
The saved searches feature is now active. If you are using the search function, just on the right of "65 torrents found" the symbol to save appears. Click it, and your search ist saved for future use. In the navigation menu you will now be able to choose the saved searches. There you can start a new search once again or activate the option for receiving an automatic email. Have fun!

2010-09-14: New sites: Long Live Rock! and Coldplay Bootlegs
Still no forum (sorry!), but all torrent sites are running. Due to some changes at the sites we had to rewrite most of the individual parsers. There will be a new feature, which is currently under beta testing: Saved searches, well, you might know them from eBay.

2010-01-10: New hardware running Bootsdaily
First we would like to thank you for using Bootsdaily. Increasing usage forced us to rent a new server, which will now handle all your requests at a fine speed.

2008-09-18: New server and new design
Bootsdaily started six months ago and since then became bigger and bigger. Thanks for your interest. During the last weeks the traffic was so high that we had to move to a new and faster server. We took this chance to do some changes at the design. We hope you like it. The emphasis of the development will be in the now unfortunately cold months on new features. We are still considering whether a forum makes sense or not... We consider! And so long: Have fun while browsing through torrents!

2008-04-18: New torrent sites included: Crosstown Torrents, Rocks Off and Ryan Adams Archive
These three new sites are devoted to Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Ryan Adams.

2008-04-15: New torrent sites included: Whatever Live and Colorado Tapers
Whateverlive has specialized itself on torrents of Oasis. On the website of the Colorado Tapers you will find regional bands domiciled in Colorado.

2008-04-05: New torrent site included:
The torrents of are from now on represented on Bootsdaily .

2008-04-01: No April fool hoax - Bootsdaily is released to beta testers.
Bootsdaily has gone online for selected users.

2008-03-22: New torrent site included:
The torrents of are from now on represented on Bootsdaily .