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1985-09-08 Costa Mesa - Complete   
This is an almost complete version of the Costa Mesa gig in 1985. I know about a different version, but that one is incomplete, and the sound is not as good as on this recording. I don't think this one exists in any lossless format. Maybe it does, but I don't know where to look. So this is the best source of this recording available. The SQ is very good, one of the best audience recordings IMO.

Set list:

1. Ride across the river (last part only)
2. Expresso love
3. One world
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private investigations
6. Sultans of swing
7. Why worry
8. Walk of life
9. Two young lovers
10.Money for nothing
11.Wild west end
12.Tunnel of love
13.Brothers in arms
14.Solid rock
15.Going home

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