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2005-07-20 Arena at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport (Devils & Dust Tour)   
ruce Springsteen
Devils & Dust Tour 2005

July 20th, 2005
Arena at Harbor Yard
Bridgeport, CT

Taper unknow, but this is an execellent audience recording from the U.S. part of the Devils & Dust Tour in 2005 from my huge bootleg-archive.

DISC 1 (77:05)

Into the Fire
Reason to Believe
Devils & Dust
Empty Sky
Long Time Comin'
Highway 29
The Promise
All That Heaven Will Allow
The River
State Trooper
Maria's Bed
Nothing Man
Racing in the Street

Disc 2 (76:26)

Lost in the Flood
The Rising
Spare Parts
Jesus Was an Only Son
If I Should Fall Behind
The Hitter
Matamoros Banks
Bobby Jean
Land of Hope and Dreams
The Promised Land
Dream Baby Dream
Back to the land of packed venues, a full house in Connecticut included Jesse Malin in the crowd (to whom Bruce dedicated "The Promise") and Suicide's Alan Vega, songwriter of Bruce's show closer, who also got a shout-out. The longest set yet, at 27 songs, stretching out thanks to some serious piano action. Seven songs at the keys tonight, including tour premieres "All That Heaven Will Allow" and "Nothing Man," both on electric piano. A slight flashback to the Meadowlands, as some sound difficulties before "Racing in the Street" had some in the crowd yelling for a fix; Bruce offered to come out and slap them around. But lessons have been learned in the two months since Jersey, as Springsteen was quickly told about the problem, and he addressed it soon after: "I found out there was a buzz in the P.A. system, and if that's what you were shouting about, I apologize." (Of course, he couldn't resist adding, "If it wasn't that, go fuck yourself.") More highlights: "Highway 29," "Lost in the Flood," "Spare Parts" on bottleneck 12-string... not quite reaching the high bar set in Buffalo for the rarity hunters, but if a measly two tour premieres don't do it for ya, maybe you need some slapping around.