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COTW 1983.06.28 - Madrid Remastered (Estadio Roman Valero, Madrid, Spain)   
Esta descarga pertenece a la iniciativa Concert Of The Week (COTW).
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This download belongs to the Concert Of The Week (COTW) initiative.
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Estadio Manuel Martinez Valero, Madrid, Spain

This is the first Dire Straits concert in Spain, during the Love Over Gold tour, some days before the
famous "Alchemy" recording. The band is in top form, in perhaps their best tour ever. The audience sound
is pretty good, better than other version that was circulated.

I got this from Dimeadozen some months ago,
and noticed that the recording was so fast and in high tone, perhaps because a bad tape dragging system in
the original recorder. So it was an uncomfortably listening. I gave it to my good friend Nico de Cai,
a musician himself with very good ear, a huge DS fan and one of the best Knopfler cover guitars,
who did the corrections in speed, tone and also adjusted the equalization. The result is very enjoyable, and
a huge upgrade from the original version.

AUD->??->CDR->Corrected speed, tone and equalization (Sony Vegas)->FLAC->You

Sound samples attached.

The lossless sound has been tested with Tau Analyzer 1.2


These are the notes from the original uploader (thanks Knut!):


Dire Straits - 1983-06-28 - Madrid - At the end of the day (I Dug up a Diamond, vol 9)

Set list:


1: Intro
2: Once upon a time in the west
3: Industrial disease
4: Expresso love
5: Romeo and juliet
6: Love over gold
7: Private investigations
8: Sultans of swing


1: Twisting by the pool
2: Two young lovers
3: Portobello Belle
4: Tunnel of love
5: Telegraph road
6: Solid rock
7: Going home

Very good sounding (and complete) recording, a pretty huge upgrade from the old version that's circulating. Lots of clapping/cheering, but it doesn't ruin the recording at all - the music is perfectly listenable. if you're looking for a recording with excellent atmosphere and still great sound, this is definately one to grab. Probably taken from the master tapes, very "clean" sound.

Fran (if you read this) at about 1:56 of Going home some duy shouts something :-) What does he say and can you please translate it?