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Metallica - The Man is Dead [Flac]   
Metallica - The Man is Dead
Releasedate: 1991
Record Label: MEN AT WORK - 5535-2
Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC (lvl 8)

Track 1-7
Date: 1984-12-20
Concert Name: Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang Tour
Venue: Lyceum
City: London State/Country: England

01. Four Horsemen
02. Pulling Teeth (Bass Solo)
03. For Whom the Bell Tolls
04. No Remorse
05. Seek and Destroy (analyse)
06. Whiplash (analyse)
07. Metal Militia

Track 8-11 from
?/09/83, recorded in san francisco, ca

08. Fight Fire with Fire
09. Ride the Lightning
10. When Hell Freezes Over
11. Creeping Death

vocals & guitar; James Hetfield
drums; Lars Ulrich
bass; Cliff Burton
lead guitar; Kirk Hammett

NOTES:the track "when hell freezes over" is the early name
for "the call of ktulu", all bootleg versions play a bit too fast.
these four demos are pretty similar to the final versions

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