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Mark Knopfler - Caen, 16-07-1996   
Almost complete recording from Caen on July 16th 1996. Great audience recording with a good balance (Mark's voice is sometimes slightly in the back though, but the band, and especially Mark's guitar, is upfront and nicely balanced).

Totall playing time: 02:25:36
Covers: included (only small versions sadly as the large versions won't show on 'Goldensam's' website.

Original infofile is included.

- Cannibals is slightly incomplete (just listen to the great piano playing during the outro !)
- Interesting comment from Mark when he announces The Long Highway: 'One from the next album .. There will be a next, there will be a next album'

Highlights: As for me the whole concert is a highlight, Mark's guitar plaing is simply awsome this concert, but some standout songs are: Romeo And Juliet, Sultans Of Swing, Water Of Love (this '96 arrangement is awsome), Cannibals, Telegraph Road, Brothers In Arms (awsome solo's) and The Long Highway.


Kind regards,
Knopflerfan (stefan kock)