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1975-12-11 Bruce Springsteen - Party Lights At Seton Hall-South Orange, NJ (BTR Tour)   
"Party Lights At Seton Hall"
Kivak Master Series
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Seton University - South Orange, NJ
December 11, 1975
Audience Recording
Tape>>CDR>EAC>Magix/Wave Editor>flac

I had originally posted this show back in 2008. A few years after that I lost most of the shows I had worked on. Long, sad story. However, I still had copies of all the cassette
transferred master recordings on CDR discs. These priceless recordings were mailed to me from a long-time Springsteen fan that captured a great deal of history from the period of
the mid to late seventies. He, along with Joe Kivak were the pioneers of the elite tape trading community along with another long-time fan, Steve Hopkins, whose wonderful masters
have been circulating lately through the group at JEMS. According to BruceBase the only circulated recording of this show was a tape of poor sounding quality with predominant hiss
and also missing a couple of songs. With Joe Kivak's Master we now have a huge upgrade with virtually no tape hiss! The show is complete with the exception of Twist and Shout which
cuts off at the end. This is by no means the best sounding show from 1975, but this is the best recording of this particular show and man what a killer setlist! The sound is a bit
harsh at times, but the music and Bruce's energy cuts through all of that. Mr Anonymous did the tape transfer and I performed the mastering with a light noise filter just to take
the edge off some of the harshness. If you have the version I posted in 2008, the difference in the edits are probably minor and having one over the other won't make a big difference.
Then again, there are some obsessive fans who must have ...

Fanatic Records and Mr Anonymous proudly present another slice of Bruce history in the Kivak Master Series!


Rob - Fanatic Records


Thunder Road 6:42
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 4:08
Spirit In The Night 7:21
Lost In The Flood 7:20
She's The One 7:09
Born To Run 4:53
Pretty Flamingo 12:39
Growin' Up 3:05
It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City 6:58
Backstreets 7:59

Kitty's Back 19:20
Jungleland 11:03
Rosalita 13:08
4th Of July, Asbury Park 8:59
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 4:53
Detroit Medley 8:56
For You 9:01

Party Lights 4:04
Quarter to Three 8:02
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2:28
Twist and Shout (Incomplete) 4:16